Since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by foreign languages, that is why I decided to attend a Languages High School, studying English, French and Spanish. I then followed up my studies by getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature during which I deepened my knowledge of English and also started a new challenge by studying Arabic. After getting my degree I was faced with reality and with the question: “now what?”. During my studies, I had translated for some clients online so I decided to give this profession a chance.

In january 2015, I joined a course on Literary Translation at the famous Italian publishing house ‘Navarra Editore’, I then became an intern in Translation and Interpreting for NGOs at CESIE, a no profit organization based in Palermo, Italy. During that time I was able to learn the terminology used in the European Union Context and I translated various projects and articles among which are: POLYGLOT, FOTRRIS, JOB-YES, SLOWMED, FETE, LangMOOC, VIRTUS, Healthy Diversity, etc. At this point I knew I wanted to be a professional translator.

We are now in september 2017 and beside gaining experience both as a translator and intepreter, I also deepened my professional knowledge by succesfully completing a highly specialised course in translation therefore specialising in three fields: Legal, Tourism and Web.


At the moment, I work with various translation agencies, also as a visual media subtitler and I am a volunteer contributor for TED Talks, TED Conferences and Global Voices Italiano (here you can find some articles I translated).


I am also an interpreter. I recently worked with PUSH. as the interpreter for the conferences of the second ‘Urban Thinker Campus’ organised by them in Palermo, Italy and titled “Right to the Future”.


I am also a telemarketer and teleseller, I love talking to people and using language the best way that I can whenever possible. My main hobby is digital photography and you can check out my portfolio here. I recently I started a new adventure by starting to learn the Korean language.